Elvis Presley at Birch Haven Resort

Do any of you know what an Elvis Presley sandwich is? I don’t. That is I didn’t until this past weekend.

I was never much of an Elvis fan even though he was popular during my early teens when I should have been in his audience moaning. The fact is that he looked amazingly like my brother, Chickie, who is now in his seventies and called Chuck. You would think that I would have thought that if my brother looks like Elvis, then he must be a pretty good looking guy. My reaction was the opposite. I thought that any guy that looked like my brother couldn’t be all that good looking. So, you see, I thought all those young teenage girls were blind and crazy and I never took much interest in Elvis.

I have not taken much interest in all of the Elvis stuff that has followed since from bobble head dolls to turning his home into a museum. It is all silliness to me. So when the question of what an Elvis Presley sandwich is came up this past weekend, I drew a blank. But my daughters, Kate and Heidi, both knew that this famous sandwich had peanut butter and bananas on it. I used to make those for my kids when they were young. I knew peanut butter and bananas go well together. What is the big deal, I thought, let’s to fishing.

Heidi looked the sandwich up on the internet and found the recipe. As it turns out the sandwich is grilled with buttered bread like a toasted cheese sandwich and has peanut butter, banana, BACON and honey on it. Being the bacon lovers we are, we decided to make the sandwich for Monday morning’s breakfast.  We didn’t have any honey so we used a little of Uncle Rich’s maple syrup. The kids said they liked it. Kate and Heidi liked it, too, but wouldn’t make it often. I tolerated it and decided I would make it never. A waste of good bacon.

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