Folk Festival Blessing

I went to the Green Fair Folk Festival on Wednesday with Bernie and granddaughter Ana. The fair is put on each year by the Franciscan sisters of Little Falls. We love our sisters. Following is the blessing that was shared at the launching of the festival:

Source of all life, all creation is charged with your divine energy.
Ignite your spark within us,
That we may know ourselves as  truly human and holy,
irrevocably part of the Web of Life.
All creation…explodes with the revelation of you
Sacred Mystery…
May we always walk gently upon this earth, in right relationship,
* Nurtured by Love,
* Taking only what we need,
*Giving back to the Earth in gratitude,
*Sharing what we have,
*Honoring all with reverence,
*Reconciling and healing,
*Mindful of those who will come after.
Grant us strength and courage.

…Adapted from A Prayer of Global Restoration

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    1. I almost missed it myself….thank God for Facebook. Laura mentioned it and reminded me. I love the way they have neat things for children and the music.

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