Forgiveness – 2

I don’t know what I will do about this blog the next few days. Bernie and I are at the resort. I toured the cabins yesterday and took count of the number of new windows installed last fall and the number of curtains I need to make. Yikes! I will have to get on with this project each day…not the long lingering I tend to do and like to do.

I continue to ponder forgiveness. The book I am reading: Proclaim Jubilee, A Spirituality for the Twenty-First Century by Maria Harris. According to Harris, forgiveness is a divine power and when we forgive we are like the mask of God on earth. I think, perhaps, when we forgive, we are more Christ-like than with any other activity. WWJD? Forgive! Jesus, a victim of divine incarnation, experienced the capacity. Recall the words on the cross: “Father forgive them…”

Observing the world, it seems to me that forgiveness is too big for humankind to grasp.  Perhaps it just hasn’t developed the capacity…yet. “Yet” is a hopeful word. It is the word we might use when a toddler falls on her rump. “She hasn’t developed the capacity to balance…yet. “Yet” assumes that the capacity will come in its proper time. I don’t know if humankind has that potential.

On the other hand, I do see signs of forgiveness in the world around me. In my immediate circles, I have been witness to the forgiveness people manage to find for themselves and for those who have harmed them. It is the miracle of miracles, in my estimation. Forgiveness is the greatest form of healing. I think even Jesus said that somewhere.

I won’t take the time now to look that up. I just know he did. I just got a call from Bernie…breakfast is being served down at my daughter’s…curtains are waiting.