FOX NEWS – an evil, evil station – I’m mad now

Fox News. I don’t even watch you but you really got me mad. On Facebook, someone sent a link to a video of a Fox News team bashing Fred Rogers of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. A female Foxy called him “an evil, evil man”. Really? Talk about calling black white and white black! The Foxy team connected young people’s sense of entitlement with Mr. Roger’s telling children they are special. Oh, how stupid can you get? Never tell you children they are special. Really?

Here is what Mr. Rogers did for my children:

  1. He taught their mother that children have feelings and she should not dismiss them.
  2. He taught their mother that children see things differently than adults. For example, children might think they could actually go down a drain and that might be why they scream when you try to put them in the bathtub.
  3. He taught their mother that children can do things that adults cannot do, like get into little places to get things when the adult cannot.
  4. He taught their mother now to talk to children in ways that children understand.
  5. Fred Roger’s taught their mother that CHILDREN ARE SPECIAL and that she should be grateful for them.


I am sure that the members of this Fox News team did not watch Mr. Rogers when they were children and their mothers didn’t either.


I don’t know how long it will take me to get rid of this resentment.

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  1. FOX NEWS did not say these things. Daily Kos and leftists are saying FOX NEWS is saying this; it fits their templated hatred toward fair broadcasting. Watch the video. FOX NEWS is commenting on a University study, battering it about, and even asking for opinion and discussion. They’re almost making fun of the study, not Mr. Rogers. You’re mad at the messenger.

    Compare with this video:–VfCiBrEb8

    Now THAT video pisses me off. And only FOX NEWS has reported on this.

      1. I, too, watched no less than three video excerpts of the same “banter” on no less than three different websites. Either those were the words coming out of their mouths or that was the singular greatest ventriloquist/lip synching scam I have ever witnessed.

        1. Oh please, I’m not suggesting they didn’t say what they said. I’m saying YOU are not considering the context. FOX NEWS was commenting on a study done at a university and creating a conversation. You’re refusing to participate in it by calling FOX NEWS evil.

          Your defense is silly ridicule, not a rebuttal. Again, attacking the messenger (me) just like Daily Kos is attacking FOX NEWS.

          Meanwhile, vitriol like Bill Maher is unaddressed and ignored. You’d rather hate on FOX NEWS. And me for pointing out your inconsistency.

          1. I don’t like calling anyone or anything evil. Really, I don’t. I tend to see folks and institutions as rather complex, including Fox news and liberal news stations. I was using the Fox commentator’s words that she used for Fred Rogers. It was just my way to put emphasis on her unfortunate choice of words.

  2. Mr. Rogers was awesome. From a kid’s point of view, it reinforced that there are no bounds to imagination… and imagination is where reality begins. The idea that a child becomes an entitled brat because they were brought up to feel special is ludicrous. Mr. Rogers never taught that a child was too special for a consequence, too special to work hard, or too special to treat others with respect. In fact, he taught the opposite. Cleaning up after yourself, helping others, being kind and empathy were all lessons from the Neighborhood.

    I’m glad I grew up with the Neighborhood 🙂

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