Garage Sale

My computer is really ssslllooowww this morning. It is a surprise to me that my blog sight came up at all. We don’t have the best connect out here in the hinterland. Given the fact that I made contact, I thought I’d better write a blog for today.

My daughter is having a garage sale this morning in St. Cloud. She took some things from my house day before yesterday that I’d had in my “get rid of” pile for the past three years. It was not much. Maybe five bucks worth. This morning, Bernie and I combed the house and found enough to fill the back of my hatch-back car with the back seat folded down and the passenger seat. Clothes, puzzles, games, books, a cool hammock. Maybe five bucks worth. I hate to do this to her. It will be a bear getting rid of the stuff the day after the sale. But that is the point of jumping in on someone else’s garage sale, isn’t it. I hope she makes money.

I have had pain in my right knee. I will be at the sale to schmooze and take money, but won’t be much use otherwise.

3 thoughts on “Garage Sale”

  1. Hi Judy,
    very interesting, my wife is a real garage sale fan but this is nothing for me.
    Greetings and wishes for a nice weekend from langen
    Harald Jeub

    1. Langen? Is that a different country that you are in, other than the US, that is? Jeub is not the most common name in these parts. German. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hope it went well for you and your daughter. And I hope your knee is better as well

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