Good Write in a Good Place

Yesterday, after dropping my grandson off at preschool, I headed to the library where I have been setting up my computer and writing each week while I wait for his school session to end. My writing has not been going well at the library, actually, but I couldn’t think of another place to go. When I arrived at the library I was greeted by a man who said that it is closed while new carpeting is installed. So I thought to go to Great River Arts, hoping they would have a corner I could set up shop. It, too, was closed. I thought to go to the Black and White, a local restaurant, but before I stepped out of my car to go in, I thought about St. Frances convent, the jewel of the little town of Little Falls. I drove out there and was greeted by the sweetest nun who told me she just read an article in Time Magazine about how happiness is found when you follow your passion. She questioned why they thought it was necessary to write about an idea so obvious. I said, “Not everyone knows what you sisters know.” Then I told her about my passion and asked if she thought I might find a corner where I could set up my computer and write. She sent me to the library. The librarian was welcoming. “We love writers,” she said. She set me up at a small table where there was a plug beneath and I unpacked my bag with my computer, my books and notes. Then I started typing away. The time flew and I felt good about what I’d done when it came time to close up shop and go fetch Jackson.

I was told that I am welcome any time. I thought, “This is it, the place I should be writing with the sisters’ angels all around me.” Then I remembered that whenever I think “this is it” about anything I am immediately proven wrong. So I erased that thought from my mind and just thanked God for the good write…and went on my way.

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