The produce is a-comin’. Bernie will bring a bag of cucumbers and tomatoes to the food shelf today. I will bring some also to St. Cloud and share them with friends I see today. More tomato canning to do and salsa. Freeze carrots. Egg plant…can’t wait to make egg plant parmesian! I will gather up some chard this morning for one particular friend who knows what to do with it. Before I leave I will scramble up  some eggs with chard and add cheese. Yum! Onions and potatoes are already pulled up. Just enough peppers for us, no need to share those. Later…three kinds of winter squash that we will share, too.

We had BLT’s last night for supper. We wanted to have corn with it but our neighbor’s corn is not doing well because of the drought. So sad.

Time for a genuine harvest festival.

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  1. Makes my mouth water! We’re hoping our neighbors are eating any ripe produce while we’re gone. Brought a nice supply of yummy tomatoes with us…

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