Home Again

Bernie and I are home from the resort. What a gift yesterday…60’s and sunny, no wind. Perfect. My daughter really put out a spread with build-your-own subs and a killer white bean chowder. Added: Bernie’s fabulous potatoe salad and my own taco salad. Grandaughter Emma has a flair for food presentation. She can work her way through college catering.

Congratulations Madison and to all graduates!

First thing upon arriving home was a visit to the garden. One section is already starting to weed up. I plan to get to laying some ground cover today before rains come. Overlap newspapers and pile on grass clippings. It works great but is lots of work to get it done each spring. But it saves a lot more work in weeding later.

Better get out there…

3 thoughts on “Home Again”

  1. Do you have enough papers? We aren’t going to need all the ones we saved, it seems.

    1. Yes! Bernie and I are talking about this as I open my blog and see your comment…Let me know when you are done with the papers and we will make arrangements to get the rest. Thanks.

      1. I have a bag full you can have. We’re here today (mostly) and tomorrow AM, the gone until Friday afternoon/early evening. Generally here Sat/Sun. Lmk what works!

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