Home Again, Home Again, jiggity-jig-jig

When my children were small, our long tripswere unbearable for them. For us, traveling to a campground within a couple of hundred miles was about the longest we’d go. We didn’t have modern technology to help the kids occupy the time, so they were prone to boredom which led to poking and verbal abuse in the back seat. I would create games or sing songs to break the evil spell that seemed to come over them. My kids were like all other kids in that they would ask the proverbial question “Are we there yet?” over and over again – even when we’d barely left from our starting point. Getting closer to home, I used to sing a song that I made up. I cannot produce the tune here unless I create a u-tube video, but the words were

                “We’re almost home, skoobydoobydoobydoo.
We’re almost home, skoobydoobydoobydoo.
We’re almost home skoobydoobydoobydoo, skoobydoobydoobydoo.
We’re almost home.”

And then when we pulled into the driveway, I’d recite: “Home again, home again, jiggety-jig-jig.”

I wonder if my daughter Kate had that song and ditty going through her head last night as she and her husband, Jerry, returned home after their trip to Mexico.

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