Kate’s Chair

Yesterday was my 69th birthday and today I begin my 70th year of life on this earth. It was a great day. Kate and I worked together in her house. I washed resort sheets and cleaned her laundry room. She cleaned the rest of her house. We kept stopping to talk, always about meaningful stuff.

Later in the afternoon she had delivered to her a chair that she had recovered. It is one that Bernie and I got second hand as we began our life together. I am thinking around 1968. It is a classic wing-backed chair that we wore out and eventually passed on to Kate. The fabric she chose is perfect for the period of the chair. It is special to her because when she was just shy of a year old we took a picture of her propped in the chair in an exuberant state smiling and her arms and legs outstretched as though she were saying, “Come ahead, Life, this will be a great ride.”