Where does laziness come from? Sloth is a character defect, or sin if that is one’s preference. Sometimes it hits me hard but lasts only a short time. Other times, it sneaks in like an unseen cancer and I find myself dropping activities one by one without a thought. I wonder sometimes if it is like depression which I think is a kind of psychological shut-down to avoid pain or to dimish the impact of pain by walking through it slowly. But this doesn’t feel like depression. It is laziness par excellence, the sloth hanging upside down for no apparent reason. At least, no reason comes to mind.

I haven’t exercised in weeks. In summers past I walked several times a week, sometimes as long as five miles. The few walks I have managed to force upon myself lately are no more than twenty minutes, ten out and ten back. Forced myself!

As for yoga, I have done that maybe once a week but that would be a stretch (pun intended). I have dropped weight lifting with as osteoarthritis has started to seep into my joints. Actually, the little cushions between my joints are seeping out and I have this bone-on-bone experience that people with this condition know well. But the doc said yoga and walking are excellent but I haven’t been doing either.

Can I blame busyness? Well, I think I can but now the busyness is diminishing and I have taken all that free time and filled it with…working puzzles, reading Facebook, watching TV. So not only am I lazy, but I am bored.

Okay, Self, this has got to stop! Right here and right now! This blog is done, so you can go on into a day that is different than yesterday. Take a walk. The sun is shining and the wind is calm. Then put up some squash for pies. Call a couple of the friends you’ve had on your mind recently. Pull out the sewing, the pile of mending and embroidery projects is big. Write…for God’s sake, write!