Leapfrogging Time

Coming into the home stretch for the Boys & Girls Club fundraiser. Bernie and I are in charge of the auction. It takes an ungodly amount of time. Ungodly – what a strange concept. What does it mean? Even God wouldn’t be able to get it all done? People say there is a difference between God’s time and our time. What does it mean when we say, “Time stands still?”

The other night when I went out in the middle of the night to get a friend from the hospital and take her home, a really strange thing happened in my sleepy perception. I was getting a bit distracted from my driving, the task at hand. That is the sleepy aspect, I guess. Every so often, my mind would snap into consciousness. The experience is familiar to  most of us. You arrive to your destination without any recall of the trip as though your car knows how to drive itself. My car knows my usual routes so well that it will take me to one of my usual places whether I started out to go there or not. I really have to pay attention when I am going to someplace new or it will screw me up.

On this particular night – me sitting in the car with its wheels cutting through the crispy snow – whenever I would become aware, I found myself way further down the road on my travels than I thought should be. By miles. It felt like I was leapfrogging. The same phenomenon continued after I picked my friend up, drove her home and then myself home.

This may not seem strange to you. It hasn’t happened since. One would hardly call it a spiritual experience. I just wish I’d looked at the time I left my house and the time I arrived at the hospital. Was the time shorter than usual?