Leaving the Door Open

Yesterday was more relaxed than today will be. Without a long list of tasks, I was able to spend lots of time interacting with the grandchildren. Ana and I sorted my plastic container cabinet. Match tops with bottoms, toss the ones with no partners, get rid of the excess. I the store containers over and over again for leftovers, but over time, I need to weed.

Ana and Charlie were introduced to embroidery. For their dad’s birthday, I gave then each a dishtowel and they drew pictures to then embroider. Ana did a flower and a heart with a smiley face, Charlie a creeper…some kind of cartoon figure. They were each so pleased with their creations.

3 1/2 year old Jackson played a game on Charlie’s i-phone. I could not believe what I was seeing. There was a little character running on this narrow path and with the movement of his little thumb, he could make the character jump hurdles or take sharp turns to the left or right to avoid falling into an abyss. “Temple Run”. Amazing.

Today we spend preparing the foods for our family seder and for an Easter morning. The Bunny will find his way to our house on Sunday morning. Ana assured me that he will know where to go but suggested I remember to leave the door open.

So we leave the door open first for Elijah, then for the Easter Bunny.