Letting Go of Outcomes

Just a quick hello as I head out the door…Wednesdays are my “go day”.  I have a fruit salad made for  a potluck lunch prepared.

I have this tendency to keep checking in on my blog whenever I write something that I think might be controversial. When there are no comments, I wonder if maybe that wasn’t as controversial as I’d imagined. Or perhaps it is so controversial that people hesitate to comment because they are afraid of what they might say. Or perhaps, no one read it. I have this place I can go on my dashboard that shows how many people visit my cite on any particular day. I notice that the blogs that are the most airhead seem to get the most visits.  One day there were 80! Of course, people don’t know what they will find when they first  open my blog on any particular day. And I suppose their visit is recorded whether they read the blog or not.

Friends have tried to convince me that we should do what is right and not worry about the outcome. That is, after all, territory where we have not control. I suppose you might say that this blogging is making me have to apply this piece of wisdom. I put my thoughts out there…and let them go.