Little Green Caterpillar

I stepped out into my yard yesterday and beheld a small green caterpillar dangling from a silk thread that connected to a branch in a tree. I watched it wind the thread into a little ball as it moved from 2 feet off the grass to the leaf 10 feet above. For such a tiny little thing, I was amazed to see it move so swiftly. No more than 15 minutes. When it reached its destination, it dropped the ball of thread which continued to hang off the lowest leaf, then crawled up the leaves above it. What in the world was this little guy up to? Why had he dropped down bungy-ish to the ground below? I went into the house and checked the internet…which at the moment I kind of loved. Following is the web page that I found and I share it with you. It answered my question, even had a picture of a little caterpillar just like the one I’d watched.

Watching the little guy was amazing. I thought what it might be like hanging over a cliff, pulling myself up like that. I thought about the things I hope to accomplish in my life that at the moment seem absolutely beyond my capability. Such stamina. Such courage.

Meanwhile in the field behind my little green friend,  I could see farmer Bill harvesting his burnt corn stalks, accepting of life as it is. He will plant his seeds again next year. Such faith.

Humbling. Inspiring.