Midrash – 1

   The women who served Jesus and his disciples were these: Mary, Jesus mother, his sisters Mary and Salome, Joanna, wife of Chuza (household administrator for Herod Antipas), Suzanna, a woman of wealth and standing from Magdela, and Mariameme, sister of Lazarus from Bethany.

Jesus came to them as they were preparing the evening meal and said, “The kingdom of God is made for those who serve, not for those who dine.”

Joanna, said to him, “Tell us about the kingdom, Jesus.”

“In God’s Kingdom there is neither male nor female, neither slave nor master, only souls who find joy in serving others. So no one goes hungry or remains naked without a cloak. And no one dies alone.”

“Where is this kingdom?” Suzanna asked.

“It is here, now,” Jesus said and he picked up an egg plant and began slicing