Midrash – 4


Philip said to Jesus, “When can we expect the Kingdom of God to come?” “Oh, Philip,” Jesus said. “Look around you. Now is the time to enter the bridal chamber. The meal is ready, the harvest is great. See the lilies of the field are in bloom.” Philip did not understand until the day when a crowd of 5,000 people were gathered near Beth-saida.  Jesus asked Philip, “How will we feed all these people?” Philip responded, “Lord, two hundred denarii will not buy enough food for each of them to have even a little. It would require at least 200 silver coins.” Andrew said, “There is a boy with 5 loaves and two fish in his basket. He says he wants to use it to feed the people.” “Bring him to me,” Jesus said. Jesus blessed the boy’s offering and began to distribute it to the people. When he did this, the people began to share what little they had until every man, woman, and child was satisfied. Jesus said to Philip, “Do you see now? The Kingdom of God is within the hearts of these people as they care for one another.”

(John 6, 1-13; Acts of Philip 135)


And some people understood: