Morning Docking

Standing on the dock in the early morning, I watched a bug of sorts bunny hop the water sending radial circles that crashed into one another. They say our every thought and action does this, send ripples out until they hit a shore, but never have I thought that these circles we create intersect. So what does one do then? I am conflicting with my own opinion expressed last week or when I was 13.

I saw the lake’s bottom through the still water and there was a clam pretending to be a butterfly there, not fluttering one iota so the truth was given away.

Birds, white with black bottoms and long red beaks. Oh, for my Minnesota Bird book now. One heads out to the middle of the lake, another nears the dock until it realizes my watching, then takes flight and I see that the black bottom was its wing tips tucked under.

I realize that nature, to be known, must reach out and grab me. And then, only for a split second am I held before my thoughts seep in.