Munsinger Gardens

I stayed at my daughter’s last night while she went down to St. Paul for a class. I had her daughter Anna and son Jack. Jack is almost four and getting so much easier to handle. Two and three year olds I have always found difficult to drag around. They love to wander off and won’t respond when you call them.  I noticed Jack not going down into the street when he played out front and not running away from me instead of toward me when I called him. The only exception is when I took the kids to Munsinger Gardens and at one point, Jack insisted in going into one section of the garden when I wanted to go in another direction. I had to follow, of course. As it turns out, it was one of the prettiest sections. I suppose Jack just wanted me to see it.

There is a bronze statue in the garden of a woman in a wheel chair that is being pushed by her husband. The names at the base is that of the Munsingers. I thought about the joy Mrs. Munsinger must have felt amongst flowers and the love of a husband who not only provided the paradise for her but brought her there to relish them.

A while back, I happened upon a couple who were taking a road trip across the country and they told me they would be passing through St. Cloud. Is there anything interesting to see there, they inquired. It was an easy question to answer.

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