My Day

It is getting down to the wire for the Boys & Girls Club annual event, Strut Your Stuff. Isn’t that a great name? Jan Erwin and I came up with it the first time we met almost 4 years ago to begin planning the first event. The Roosters were going to play for us…that is all we had as far as knowing what we were in for. I thought about strutting roosters and there you go. And let me tell you, the shoe fits.

At the moment our basement is full of really neat stuff that will compose the silent auction. People are getting increasingly generous as the years go by. Little Falls loves its B & G Club and clearly wants to keep it around.

So Jackson was not permitted to go play in the basement today…too much mischief to get into with all that stuff, some of which are toys from the Gumdrop Tree. Charlie agreed to sit in the TV room while Jackson watches the Muppet movie so the little guy doesn’t tear apart Bernie’s 1,000 piece puzzle which he has been known to do. I told him, “Don’t touch Grandpa’s puzzle, okay, Jack?” He smiled at me but would not say, “Okay Grandma” even though I added, “Say, ‘Okay Grandma’.” So Charlie is on puzzle patrol. Meanwhile, Jackson has abandoned the movie and is behind me messing with Charlie’s high tech game thing. Well, things don’t always work out the way one plans.

Heidi will be here soon with Ana. I can’t wait until she sees the outfit that I made for her doll that she got for Christmas.

That is my day.