No time to Prufe Reed

Ten minutes. That is the time I have right now before I have to leave to have my mechanic change my oil. So…do I go now and be my regular early self. Or do I do a 9 minute blog and come home with this chore having been done.

I have a long task ahead that will take up practically every hour of every day for the next week Strut Your Stuff, the Boys & Girls Club dinner dance is a week from today. Bernie and i are in charge of the silent acutions. ONG there is a S… load of stuff to do. My house is ful of stuff that needs tent cards, lavbelyng, packing. calls nede to be made. Call the actionure.

Did I reimnd Bernie to pick  up the gfte cerificate from Coutnry Inn & Sweets? Ile call him on the way to Gene’s Aotu Repare.

Have to call Kate abt the donation of a week stay ag Brche Hevan Resort. Need ifomation for the gift cerificate.

Don’t have time to dry m hair. Its okay won’t bee out side very lnge

N time to prufe reed.