Pelicans on Gull Lake

I have been noticing the pelicans on Gull Lake and thought to check out their message. It is very fitting for me today.

Pelicans are a community bird. They share the hunt for food. One group will flap their wings on the surface of the water, sending fish to another group that will scoop them up.

They carry a heavy message of self-sacrifice, resurrection and nourishment.

Noting their long bills with the pouch, pelican people have a capacity to take in a great deal and digest with relative ease.

They are excellent travelers, ready to go “at the mere whisper of adventure ahead.”

Pelican people hold thoughts to themselves, reluctant to be outspoken about their opinions.  The pelican can help you to digest information and then “spit out” the great ideas you have and speak your mind with confidence.

It can also help you reach balance in your life between head and heart, your thinking and emotion.  It can facilitate intimate, shared journeys.

The pelican is about calm, controlled movement, confidence and safety.

The pelican’s diving represents “plunging into our emotional depths and digging deep to bring understanding to the surface of our awareness.

Lots to digest in this information, but I think it is worth pondering. Thank you, pelicans, for stopping by.