Plans “Shot to Hell”

Not much to say this morning. It will be a cool day and my granddaughter is flying in from Denver, to arrive around 11 am. My daughter is picking her up at the airport. I called Heidi and told her to grab jacket for Alissa. “She was cold all the time when she was here last.”

This started out to be a busy week but at least we had a sense of what we were doing from day to day. One phone call last night and the plan was shot to hell. So we created a new plan this morning…God only knows whether this is the correct one.

Shot to hell…where did that expression come from? There I go again…curiosity killed a cat…where did that expression come from?


3 thoughts on “Plans “Shot to Hell””

  1. I looked up the origin of “shot to hell,” and it means being shot by gunfire.
    “Badly damaged or fatigued; destroyed. The idea is old but the wording is not, doubtless because h**l was not an acceptable word in print until rather recently. The age of the idea is suggested by Edward Ward’s ‘The Wooden World Dissected’ : ‘He will…fix ye a Couple of new (ship’s) Knees, when the old ones are shot to the Devil.” From “Dictionary of Cliches” by James Rogers.

    1. Not at all. Just meant a shifting around and trimming plans. The new one is good, too. I just really like what is ahead of me and get sort of attached to plans…so I am always learning the spiritual lesson of letting go.

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