As I did my yoga this morning, I listened to a CD of the sounds of Minnesota birds. I’d been hearing a new song this past week and was hoping to identify the bird. This is my idea of multitasking.

On my internet page, the headlines of today’s news come up in rotation. If I click one, it will go to an article about it. Today, one of the headlines was a crossword puzzle. WTH?

Bernie and I changed the arrangement of the furniture in our living room yesterday. We have a summer arrangement and a winter arrangement. This is our idea of change. It is cheaper than new furniture and less work than new paint. Keeping it simple.

For supper last night we had beef kabobs.  Years ago I would make kabobs with the cheap cuts of meat and marinate them to death. But yesterday we chose New York strip steak. It is great to be affluent.

When my children were little, I made Kabobs with spam, green peppers and pineapple chunks and I brushed them with BBQ sauce. Bernie doesn’t like spam but sometimes I miss it. Same with Kraft macaroni and cheese.

Grandchildren are coming today. I am planning to serve corn on the cob and watermelon for lunch – an early Fourth of July eatabration.

Smells outside are intoxicating in the morning. Intoxication divinely ordained.

Another grandchild, Lydia, graduates from High School. Watching these young people strut their stuff in the world is better than a roller coaster ride.

On my list today: make rhubarb bread. My recipe calls for only 2 cups. I can never use up my rhubarb.

I am reading a book on Zen. Zen is living in the moment, accepting life as life is, paying attention. I get it…in my head. Still working on the heart. I told a friend that for me the moments tend to reach out and grab me, like the song of the bird that I cannot identify.