Priscilla’s Story about a Horse

I just returned from visiting children and grandchildren in the southwest. Seriously – how could I take time to write my blog when I can play with grandchildren? Silly me.

Over the next few days I may share some of the events of that visit. One is the celebration of We celebration of my granddaughter Priscilla’s 6th birthday while I was in Colorado. She received as a gift a little horse that, when put in water, swelled like a sponge. As we were talking about it she began to fantasize about this horse getting big enough to ride. I said, “What a great story!” and got myself a pencil and paper. Here is the story Priscilla dictated to me:

Once upon a time, there was a horse. She saw the biggest jar in the whole wide world. The horse filled up the jar with water. Then she got in the water. She thought she could take a bath.

(Priscilla invited me to continue the story) After she got in the jar, she needed a bar of soap.

(After my one-sentence contribution, Priscilla immediately interrupted me. She didn’t like where I was steering the story)

(Priscilla’s ending) She started to turn big. She started to turn into a sponge. Then she yelled, “Help!” Then her daddy came and saved her. And she turned as big as she was when she got into the jar and went home.

After Priscilla told her story, four-year old Zeck wanted to write one and eight-year-old Havillah. I will share their stories at another time.

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