I love quips, little sayings that are clever summaries of wisdom. When I hear a good one, I will pull out a little notebook in my purse and write them down. Here are a few I heard recently:

An example of an attitude shift: “Moving from ‘I have to work on Saturday’ to “I get to work on Saturday’.”

“There is a difference between wanting someone to solve your problem and wanting someone to help you solve your problem.”

Just a phrase I heard and liked: “Praying all the way to shore.”

“How silly it looks to have big long bookmarks in little bitty books.”

“Expectations are premeditated resentments.”

“Lena, you could get a job at a broom factory as a test pilot.”

“God didn’t help me because I asked him. He helped me because he’s God.”

“If you want more of something, put it out there: gratitude, appreciation, love, kindness. This works also for anger, fear, and pettiness.”

“If we put as much energy into being happy as we put into our anger, we’d be flying around with gold wings.”