Roller-coaster Ride

This is the start of a really busy week. We are hosting a gathering of friends next Saturday. Entertaining in my home is not run-of-the-mill as it is for some. I have already been cleaning and most of our Christmas decorations are out. We are going shopping for food at Sam’s today. There will be more shopping during the week at the local grocery store. Then there is preparation of food and last minute cleaning. Meanwhile, I will attempt to do those things I ordinarily do in a week, like my morning read, take Jackson to and from preschool, exercise, write, do my weekly run to St. Cloud to meet with friends. As I looked over my calendar this morning and made a list of things that need to be done, I realize that there are just not enough hours in the days. Some things will have to go. I will probably start out each day with good intentions and at the end, I will look at a list not completed. By Thursday I will be prioritizing and panic may start to come in. It is all so predictable. You’d think I’d be used to me by now and bypass the panic. Maybe this time I will.

Knowing this, it still feels like climbing into the car of a roller-coaster. I hate roller-coasters.