Ruby’s Pantry

I made a list of things to do today, hopeful of accomplishment. But I realize as I read yesterday’s blog that I never got around to putting up the apples yesterday. So my list gets longer. I suppose more will be added as I go.

I plan to go to Ruby’s Pantry in Little Falls this afternoon. This is a program that gets food out to folks that would have to be trashed if it were not distributed. I don’t know exactly where it all comes from or how it is collected, but I’ve noted that expiration dates for packaged foods are near and fruits and vegetables are such that they need to be used promptly. Frozen meats are always great to get. I never take the pop and bottled water. Twice I got 12-packs of Greek yogurt. One doesn’t have to take everything that is offered, but you can’t take more of one thing to compensate for another that you take a pass on. The cost is $15 and if you take all that is offered, you get well over that amount in value.

Ruby’s Pantry is a win-win situation. It isn’t like the food shelf where only people in need participate. They encourage everyone to come so that the food gets used rather than discarded. The lines are long extending outside the church that hosts the program. In the winter, it means you have to bundle up. You have to bring your own containers. Those who frequent the program are creative in what they bring… something with wheels is best. I bring laundry baskets. There are many people who help check people in, distribute the food, and help people get the food to their cars. I play my old lady card so I get someone else to carry my stuff. The helpers are the same folks one sees doing service in the community all the time, especially in programs that serve those in need. God bless them.

Sun is ready to come up. I will go out and say good morning…then get on with the rest of the duties on my list.