For the past few days, I have been feeling extraordinarily ordinary…wow, that sure seems contradictory! I have been vacant of any deep thoughts and  bothering myself only with the day to day tasks in front of me. No crises in my life inside or out to journal about. This was a sweet weekend that came and went with no expectations or disappointments, but rather, little surprises for the shear niceness of it. On Friday we went to a concert and sat with friends and watched some joyous dancing by lots of folks we’ve come to know in Little Falls. On Saturday, I went to a gathering of girlfriends for brunch at one of their homes. On Sunday, I had coffee with a woman I hadn’t seen in a couple of years and later we had friends over that we’ve been meeting with over the years and laughed a lot. At this last gathering we served our family’s favorite: Marylou’s Spaghetti Sauce. Everyone agreed it was the best Italian sauce they’d ever tasted.

It may not sound so ordinary to you with all the busyness. I think what was extraordinary is that I was pretty even-keeled through it all. Life is good and I felt it. Serenity some might call it. Yes, serenity.


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