Shopping List

I am off to do some shopping today. The following is my list and the justification for each item:

1. Pillows. I saw on Dr. Oz yesterday that you should change your pillows out once a year. Otherwise they end up being full of lice poop…or is it mite poop? Anyway, it is scary and Bernie keeps waking up all stuffy and sneezy. I think the last time I bought new pillows was when we moved into this house. Our pillows are pretty flat, as you can imagine. But one can use them longer if you curl them up. After what Oz said, though, I decided these old babies have got to go.

2. Stretch pants. I am going to fly out to the southwest to visit my daughter in Arizona and my son in Colorado. I plan to bring only a carry-on to make switching planes easier. Besides my a toothbrush, my drugs and my unders, I plan to pack only one or two changes of clothes. I will wear my jeans on the plane because they tend to be bulky to pack. I thought I’d bring along a pair of stretch pants for comfort and if they are new and a nice color, I can wear them as an alternative to jeans. I have one pair of stretch pants that are on me right now as I sit here typing, but they are permanently kneed and have white paint on them.

3. Gloves. I have a nice leather glove but, alas, I have two hands. I hate spending good money on things that come in pairs. If I lose one, I wait forever before I will go out to buy another pair. Almost without exception, the lost item will show up.

4. Pajamas, maybe. I wear to bed old sweat pants that are have holes in the crotch and left knee. With these I wear a favorite t-shirt that has a picture of Harriet Tubman on the front. On the back it says: “KEEP GOING…If you are tired, keep going; If you are scared, keep going; If you are hungry, keep going; If you want to taste freedom, keep going.” I think for the sake of modesty, I need to replace the bottoms. But I think I will wear my Harriet Tubman shirt until the day I die…in case I die in bed.

4 thoughts on “Shopping List”

  1. Lol, funny post as usual. When I read about your pj’s I thought of sergers… you ladies can fix that hole… although I do admit that even though we have a serger, I ended up throwing my last pair away… now am regretting not taking the time to repair 😉

    1. I can fix the bottoms without a serger…within reason, of course. Could end up with bottoms too snug in the bottom.

  2. Ha Ha Ha… I love the pajama thoughts. Sounds like the ones I wear. How did I get the hole in the crotch, I dont scratch like guys do? I just cant give up those comfy pants. Certainly not romantic wear. (Thats another topic maybe better left alone for folks our age.) Hoping your travels are wonderful!

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