I have been up since 4 am. I was laying in bed thinking about the snow and the drifts imagining that even snow plows would have trouble getting through. Where does one put the white stuff? It is light now and I see that the reality isn’t as bad as my imagination conjured. As deep the drift outside our front door, the layer on the driveway is shallower and our neighbor, God blesses him, has already plowed the driveway. Bernie will clear the garage’s apron in a little while. The wind still blows and we know better than to venture out. Roads running from east to west and no trees or buildings running along the side will be problematic. Plows clear them only to have new drifts muckety-muck things up again. Best to stay put until after the wind quiets down.

My niece posted a link on Facebook an article from The Onion. It basically was a complaining piece about the week we are having here in America. Let’s see: two bombs go off in Boston during the marathon, three cars fall into a sinkhole in Chicago, an explosion of a fertilizer plant in Texas, and the defeat of a gun control measure that 93 percent of Americans wanted.

When Bernie and I were listening to the report about the explosion in Texas on the news last night, I heard that the last time the plant had been inspected was in 1985. There were, of course, violations and the fine was $30. I shouted “Yes! I knew it!” I cannot think of a time when there was a disaster caused by a company that did not involve some kinds of blowing off of safety measures, breaking the law, paying off inspectors, jumping through legal loopholes, somebody “looking the other way”, total disregard for the lives of people. Think about strip mining and the contamination of the water of those who live in towns in the valleys below, about miners trapped in mines, of oil spills, cancer caused by insecticides dropped from planes. Wow, I feel angry this morning!

Bear with me. I usually work this stuff through, but right now, I feel like I fell in a sinkhole.

Maybe I should go out and shovel snow.