Snoops and Dreamers

A beautiful wintry day in Minnesota. The grandchildren are here and their dad sent along snow clothes. Their plans are to build a fort.

I haven’t seen them in a while. Since their last time here, 3 ½ year old Jackson has become a bit of a snoop. I remember another grandchild, Alissa, now 26 years old, who was a snoop. She was quite secretive about it but when I would ask, “Where did I put my_______?” she would run and get the whatever and hand it to me with a big smile on her face. How can you get mad at a kid for that?

It made hiding Christmas gifts challenging.

Charlie described for me his dream of one day living in a reconditioned bus. He would have a second one for traveling in, he said. I hope that when he is able to achieve his dream, he will let me come along with him. I will make handmade curtains for his windows out of old pillow cases and prepare his breakfast in the morning – eggs over easy. I wish he liked playing cards, though. I don’t know what we would do in the evenings.