Soft Snow and Immigration

There is a lovely blanket of snow under construction here in Tenstrike. I drove my granddaughter, Emma, to school this morning but the roads were good. I drove only 10 mpr less than usual with no slipping at all.

I am at my daughter’s house watching things while she and her husband are off in Mexico for their first vacation since they married seven years ago. I have them on my mind but I think I will really have them on my mind tomorrow when the temperatures are supposed to plummet during the day with strong winds.

The inauguration begins Sunday with the president’s address followed by the balls and parade. I heard on the radio that Fergus Falls high school band will be marching. How exciting for them! I remember watching the last inaugural parade and noting representation from our area.

I heard also on the radio interviews of members of the Hispanic community commenting on what they hope for from President Obama during his next four years. Immigration reform was, of course, on the top of the list. One young woman spoke for those children of illegal immigrants who are also illegally here but not by their own choosing. She said that her two brothers have been deported back to Mexico. She wants reform so that her family can be reunited and that she and her brothers can find a path to citizenship in the U.S. I can’t figure out for the life of me why this reform has been bogged down. Is it because of the businesses that use illegal immigrants who don’t want to lose their cheap labor? Is it due to prejudice toward people of color? Is it fear that the population of minorities will one day become the majority and ruin things for white Americans? Or is it because Congress just cannot get over this disgusting ideological fighting that they have been engaging in the past few years? I don’t really know. I am losing my faith in the leaders we elect, though. While they drag their lead feet, it is painful to see families and individuals suffering. This is true of any issue. I know writing legislation is difficult and messy, but these people we elect are supposed to be smart.

I am getting myself all riled up. I think I need to go meditate.

2 thoughts on “Soft Snow and Immigration”

  1. Yes! Immigration reform is so necessary, but I suspect it is easily ignored as most people outside of immigrant groups are ignorant of how convoluted and difficult the process is. :/

    1. Yes, noone knows better than those most directly effected. Isn’t that true of every issue? I think the main problem in Washington is that the legislators do all their arguing ignoring those most effected by their actions or nonactions.

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