Stale Pie

On my kitchen counter there is a  pie plate that holds 1/3 of an apple pie getting stale and dry. Whenever Bernie and I entertain, I offer our departing guests leftovers, especially the desert kind. Each time he wills say, “Not so fast! I might want some of that later.” So I always save some for him that ends up getting stale and dry on my counter. Until I eat it. Pie that is stale and dry is not really so bad, believe it or not. Nevertheless, when I end up eating what Bernie wanted me to save, a resentment stews with each bite. He is clearly to blame for any extra pounds I carry.

5 thoughts on “Stale Pie”

  1. The members of the Jeub family always put a smile on my face. Judy, from your very wise advice in “Love in the Kitchen 2” you would freeze same pie in individual slices. Shssh I won’t tell. I love all of you. You are a family of believers who also walk the walk and always inspire me!

    1. Really? I said that I freeze pie in individual slices? I have to have a talk with the editor. If I did say that, I guess I am smarter than I thought.

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