Strut is Over for Another Year

It is 2:42 in the afternoon. Strut Your Stuff is over. We were in bed around 12:30. That may not seem late to you, but I hit the sack before 9 most nights. The dinner/dance/auction that is the “best thing the Boys & Girls Club has going for it”. Bernie said after we got home that we must have walked 30 miles moving around the ballroom. As for the statement about this being the B&G’s best thing…that came from a person I overheard while I stood in the long line waiting for the fabulous food the restaurants put out for us. I happen to know that while Strut is our biggest fundraising event, it doesn’t come close in bestness to what the club does for the kids of Little Falls. The police know it, the teachers know it, the social workers know it, the parents know it and even the kids know it. Thanks to the staff at the club, to the board and to all the volunteers who make our fundraisers a success.

I am going to go take a nap, but the tired I feel is a good tired.