Summer’s Here

Just  a quick check in today. Summer came…at least the calendar says so. It doesn’t seem  so in reality because it has taken so long for the heat to come with it.

To tell you the truth, I am not fond of hot weather. I like temps in the 70’s. The only upside of 80’s and 90’s is that it keeps little children from turning blue when they play in the lake. Hot weather moves the growing in the garden along faster but it also means faster evaporation, so you have to remember to water.

It is cloudy at Birch Haven. I met a man on the dock casting into the reeds. He asked me about the weather and I told him what I’d seen on the internet. He said he and his family might go to a casino today. I checked out the two casinos closest and wrote out instructions on how to get there. Service with a smile.