Sweet Sunday at Birch Haven Resort

A sweet Sunday at Birch Haven Resort. Because Saturdays are such heavy-duty labor days, Sunday feels like a day to relax even if it isn’t. Sometimes there are adjustments to be made as guests settle into their first full day here: A cabin needs a can opener while another has two. A fuse has blown or a pilot light is out. Hot days, everybody needs ice. New folks need a twenty minute conversation about the best places for fishing on the lake.

But yesterday was a sweet Sunday at Birch Haven Resort. The owners, my daughter, Kate and her husband, Jerry treated themselves to a day at the Beltrami County fair. She reported later their experiences visiting the animals. Cows, she said are big and intimidating. I asked if they were really cows with udders to prove the fact. Jerry said no, they were bulls. Sheep, Kate said are dirty. But pigs, she likes. They are cute and humorous.

I spent the day in Bemidji with friends that I have made over the years of our coming up to the resort. I went to the see a new house that one is building a few miles outside the city. I didn’t get home until late afternoon and immediately collapsed on the couch for a nap. Meanwhile, Heidi spent the day enjoying her kids enjoying the resort. Bernie and Emma were around to keep the lodge open and be available if there were any problems.

Everyone regrouped at the end of the day to eat and go fishing.  The younger folks sat around the campfire at night while some of us oldsters hit the sack. A sweet Sunday at Birch Haven Resort.