Taking Care of Nature

The birds are coming back to our feeders. We have been having trouble with Feral Cats, normal cats that have gone wild. One such cat bit my granddaughter when she tried to befriend it. For a while our yard was silent, not bird songs or squirrel chatter. We knew it was because of the cats because we’ve seen them and the problem has been discussed in the news of Minnesota. Down in the cities, they’ve started a program. If someone can trap one and bring it to specific vets throughout the city, they will neuter the cats so at least they can live but won’t make more kitties. I stopped in at the Morrison County Animal Shelter and was told we don’t have such a program out here. She didn’t say the actual words, but had lots of empathy, “We have the same problem out at our house,” she said. “We can’t take them here at the shelter. We have our hands full with our domestic cats.” Then she added, “Do what you have to do.” Our neighbor’s son has a trap and captured one last week. I didn’t ask what he did after that.

Some people may think I am heartless. But I really believe that it important that we observe nature and be aware that the circle of life is maintained. We humans,  after all, have screwed things up building our towns and cities anywhere we please irregardless of the animals, bugs and flying creatures we displace. The woman at the shelter said that the cat problem is a case of the circle being disrupted. If we lose our birds, we give free reign to the insects they eat…and in Minnesota where the mosquito is the bully of bullies, we need our birds.