Thanksgiving Eve

Today is the day before Thanksgiving for us. Family is coming tomorrow and we will sit around in worship of a turkey. I don’t recall anyone lip smacking or moaning over the bread during any communion ceremony I have been to but it seems there is quite a bit over turkey.

Today I will be baking. Two pies are all we will need for our small group. Even one would suffice but the family is used to having two choices: apple and pumpkin. It will be easy. I will use pie crust sticks from the grocer. The apples are sliced and seasoned in a bag in the freezer. Just dab a little butter on the apples, sprinkle a little cinnamon on the top crust and throw ‘er in the oven. The pumpkin pie will be made squash already mashed. I prefer squash to pumpkin and we grow lots of it in our garden each year. Besides using it for pies, Bernie and I really like plain old mashed squash with butter, salt and pepper and sometimes a little brown sugar. A healthier alternative to potatoes.

I will also be making some squash and banana bread to feed the crew coming to work at the future Boys & Girls Club tomorrow morning. For those of you who live in Little Falls and want to work off some of the calories you piled in today, the folks are gathering about 8:30 am and working to about noon. They will be cleaning up a stack of lumber, pulling nails, and taking down some ceiling grids.  In case you haven’t heard, the new club will be in the Old Red Own on west Broadway.

So that is our day today. I don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to be thankful. I have learned that if there is a secret to happiness, it is maintaining an attitude of gratitude.

If I don’t write a blog tomorrow it will be because family is around. That’s the way I like it.