The Blessings of Babysitting Grandchildren

I go home today. I have been at my daughter’s since Wednesday watching over the kids. Barely kids, really -teens, young adults. But I was able to hold down the fort doing a few dishes, cooking a bit and providing transportation when needed. I really enjoyed it, but I am looking forward to my own usual routine at home. I can’t wait to see our bedroom. It was painted and new carpeting installed in my absence. Clearly, I am dispensable.

Since I have been a grandparent, being called upon to babysit has always been the opportunity to get to know my grandchildren as individuals. There have been blocks of time when it felt like I was being asked more than I really wanted. They were, after all, not my children and I’d already lived through the stage when the responsibility of raising kids made self-care impossible. But I hope I never have to give up time with the kids without parents around and occasionally one-on-one. Since his retirement, Bernie is now being called upon to fetch and watch over grandchildren. I have noticed an actual change in the way he talks about them. He is now blessed with this marvelous time observe them and bond with them.

While here, I have moved on in my reading of Karen Armstrong’s book A History of God. I am completing her chapter on Enlightenment where she talks about the reflection of scientists such as Descartes and Newton on God. It was enlightening to me. I will have to blog on that soon before the lofty thoughts float away as they often do. But right now I have a few things to accomplish before I leave.

To my fellow-Minnesotans: may your car start and your water keep running.