The Finally Flying Chick

by Havilah Jeub, November 14, 2013

Once upon a time, there was a chick and the chick saw all the rest of the chicks could fly. Then she tried to fly and it did not work. And all of the other chicks laughed at the little chick. And she tried to fly again and again but she always messed up. She tried to flap her wings and flapped them and flapped them.

And then one day she went to school and all of her friends laughed and looked away from her. And one day she cried along the way to her home. Her mother said, “What’s wrong, Honey?” And she told her the whole story. Andy then her mother snuggled her up inside her wing. And she talked to her about how the other chicks could fly.

They went on a tree. They went on the top. And they flew so high, they would reach the wind. And the wind would grab all the feathers so they could fly.

And the little chick did just what her mother said. And she flew so high she found out she didn’t have to flap her wings so fast. She found out only a hummingbird does that. So she straightened out her wings and jumped really high and then she started to fly.

And all the rest of the chicks looked up and saw her. And then all of them said, “That can’t be her. She’s bad at flying.” And then when she went to land, she did flap her wings very slowly. And all the rest of them knew it was her. They saw her and they all cheered.

And then she could finally fly with all the rest. And then she was the greatest flier out of all of them. And then she went back to her family and told them the whole story.

The End.