The Little Fly and the Fly Bullies

Here is another story dictated to me by a grandchild. Zech is 4 years old.

By Zechariah Jeub, November, 2013

They thought he was a chick but he was a fly. And they saw some robbers and they said, “Hey, Robbers! Steal his money.” But they decided to not be mean to him. The bullies decided to be bullies to the robbers. And the little fly and they were bully flies. And they wanted to just lay on him forever.

So they said to the fly, “We will shoot you to death with a freeze gun then you will be freezed to death.” And so they go to a restaurant instead. And he saw a person and the person be’d nice to the fly.

And then they ate together. And then they were done eating. And then they go’d out and played together on the play ground.

And then they left with the little fly. And they saw the bullies trying to look for him. And the boy hit the bully flies with the fly swatter.

And they be nice to each other forever and ever.

The End

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