The Little Owl and the Little Boy

I love this story by Joshua Jeub, 8

Once upon a time there was an owl and he always woke up in the morning instead of night. His parents always hold him to wake up at night but he always watched humans, how they always woke up in the morning. He always wanted to stick with his brothers and sisters but he always woke up in the morning when they were asleep. So he decided he would play with humans instead of owls. So he walked up to a little boy and said, “Will you play with me?”

But the little boy just heard him say, “Whoo! Whoo!” So he just thought it was cool. But then, the boy noticed that he was trying to talk to him. So he kept him as a pet.

The boy’s parents were surprised that he found an own in the afternoon. So they thought he was lucky. So the parents said, “You should let him go and go to the pet store and buy a different owl.” But the little boy refused. Then he told his parents that the owl was trying to talk to him. But then the parents said, “Let him go!”

So the little boy decided to play a trick. He took a cage and put it in the pet shop so he could buy the owl forever. So he did it. And the owl was happy. And the owl went back to his family and said, “I’ve been adopted by a little boy who actually wakes up in the morning.” And his family cheered and congratulated him.

The End