The Rainbow Moose

By Priscilla Jeub, November 14, 2013

Once upon a time there’s a moose that saw a rainbow and took the biggest block in the whole wide world and then took a cup and took a ladder and put the ladder at the very top of the block. She took the cup and scooped some rainbow in the cup and went home and poured some water in the cup and drunk it and turned rainbowish.

Her mom called the doctor and the doctor said, “Oh Dear!” She went to school one day and with her friends she sang the pledge of legience and she turned into the American flag. The her friend saw that she could turn into more stuff. One of her friends said, “Purple polka dots!” and then her mom called the doctor again. Then the doctor started to do something to her that was not comfortable at all. They gave her pills.

In the morning she woke up  and did not feel good. She looked in the mirror and she was shaped as a pill. She did not like it! The doctors saw she did not look good at all. People crowded around her house. She was watching TV. She had a cat tail. She had crystals. Her mom and dad were very scared. They said, “Your wall is very  pretty. I wish your wall looked like you.” She zoomed into her wall.

A old lady walked up. She was a sweet as a strawberry. She said to the moose, “I have a bag of magic beans that will turn you into yourself.” She ate them and she turned into her normal self. She liked it! And she had fun with her friends. And she got to eat all of the magic beans she wanted to. That’s it!