This ‘n That

Home from the resort. I had a great time as some of Bernie’s and my friends came up and camped in our backyard. Eat, laugh, s’more.

I think I am going crazy.

Since my friends had campers, we had to take two trips in my car to go to the Turtle River Days parade and festival…something not to miss! After returning a carload of women back to the campsite, I started back to the festival to fetch the men and the seatbelt light kept buzzing. I got out to check all the seat belts and couldn’t figure out why my dash light was going crazy. It turned out to be mine. I don’t know why I had unbuckled myself since I wasn’t getting out of the car. No big deal. A boring story to tell, I know.

But this morning I showered and noticed that the water wasn’t draining out of the tub in our camper. That means it is time to empty the holding tank. But I still needed to brush my teeth. Suddenly an alarm goes off. I have never had that happen. I ran outside to empty the tanks. But the alarm kept going. I told Bernie who went to the back to see what was the matter and I went back into the bathroom. The buzz? My electric toothbrush that I’d laid on the counter without turning it off.

PS. I was dressed when I ran outside.

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  1. I have to tell you the story sometime of when the toilet exploded in our RV and I was in the bathroom!

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