Time and Happiness

It is while I am eating breakfast or lunch alone that I read magazines. I will grab a few at the library that I think are just not worth paying for…magazines that are 90% advertising. I get them so I can read the one article that is highlighted on the cover that has a catchy name. By not paying for it, I am never disappointed when I don’t like the article.

We subscribe to one magazine – Time. The reason is that it is the only one I can stomach from the list of magazines offered by school or scout fundraisers. I want to support these organizations for my grandchildren or neighbor kids,but the alternatives include terrible pizza, chocolate candies at $100 per ounce, or wrapping paper. So I keep renewing Time even though I get tired of it.

But once in a while, Time puts out an article that I find really enlightening. The piece they did a while back on the American medical system was one of these. The orthopedic surgeon I visited last week put a little thing in my shoe that, over time, should keep me from getting bow-legged. It is about 2 inches long and 1 inch wide. I can’t wait to see the bill. I am guessing $80 with a 100,000% mark-up.

This week, Time ran another article that I find really enlightening. Since I am reading it in small doses (it reads like a novel), I am hesitant to share yet. The title is “The Happiness of Pursuit”, by Jeffrey Kluger. I find it fascinating because he focuses on Americans and I happen to be one of these. I am using my best pen to underline important points, so I will be able to glean some ideas for you later. That only works, by the way, if a piece I read is almost terrific. If it is really terrific, I end up underlining the whole thing and I might as well just give a link.

Stay posted. I am going out to pick some rhubarb and lettuce before I leave for town.  Be happy at least for today.