Too Much Social Media

I just spent two hours doing nothing but Facebook and Blogs. Anything over twenty minutes on social media always feels like I am being held in captivity…in a closet with a hood over my head. Now I am pounding on the door to get out.

I am at the resort…it is a beautiful fall day. I’m out of here.

3 thoughts on “Too Much Social Media”

  1. Too funny. I used to think Social Media was a waste of time, but then I studied my Google Analytics. Over half of my website traffic comes from Facebook alone. I realized that FB was my #1 channel to my people, hardly a waste.

    1. I am not sure the time I spent this morning on the internet was about channeling to my people, though sometimes it is. I am just lazy today. After writing the blog, I got dressed, cleaned up the camper and sat, again, at the computer. Dad and Kate went to town…no chore assignments were made for me but there is always something to do if one only has the motivation.

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