Trust and Trustworthiness.

Yesterday, I was wandering around St. Cloud with more time on my hands than I’d planned. I thought to call a male friend to see if he was available to meet me for coffee the Local Blend. We have been trying to get together for a couple of weeks. He loaned me a book that I really liked and it is our intention to discuss it. As it turned out my extra time was taken up at the Friends of the Library Book Store and a sewing machine store. I did see my friend later out at the House of Prayer where he gave me a hug and we talked about the book for about five minutes. I will return the book soon, I told him, and we will have coffee another time, he told me.

This morning, I thought about how wonderful it is to have a husband not prone to jealousy. I have been blessed to have many male friends over the years. It isn’t unusual for me to meet one for lunch or coffee or hang around after an event talking with one of these friends. Having both male and female friends makes my life rich.

Bernie is equally blessed. Over the years, he would often tell me of the women in his life. I never accused him of any wrongdoing because it never occurred to me that there was any.

Maybe Bernie and I are each naïve. I like to think that we just each understand the meaning of trust and trustworthiness. This is only one aspect of a healthy marriage and a very important one indeed. We haven’t been so successful about other aspects over our forty-seven years, but I am deeply grateful today for this one.

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  1. So happy for you!!! I admire you so much Judy. You have achieved so many things I wish I could. However you inspire me.

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