Turning the Seasons

I had a discussion with my grandchildren recently about seasons. One made a comment about winter being here and I used the opportunity to talk about the calendar seasons with the four days of turnover between seasons, the solstices. My granddaughter, Ana, was delighted to learn that her birthday is on one of these solstice days…December 20.  I told them that their Aunt Kate’s birthday is on the day when spring begins.

I wonder why we don’t celebrate these days. They are so nicely spread throughout the year unlike the approaching clump of holidays now approaching. I believe Pagans have celebrations of the solstice days. I am not familiar with their customs so I don’t know what they do. But it would be sweet to come up with some ideas of one’s own.

Alas, my kids are all gone now with kids of their own. I don’t think Bernie would be very excited to start something new. It takes children to make traditions come alive.