Turnover Day at Birch Haven Resort

Shortly, my daughter Kate and her daughters, Maddie and Emma, will be packing up the back of the jeep with cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaner, rags, clean sheets and rugs, and paper products. Then they go forth, attacking one cabin after the other, recreating the space for new guests. Seven of ten cabins to get ready this weekend.

Meanwhile, Kate’s husband Jerry, his son Justin and Bernie do the outside work, collecting trash, cleaning the grills, cutting the acres of lawn, and readying the boats and pontoons for use. The day promises to be pleasant, not too hot and sunny. Moods tend to go along with the weather.

It is always a bonus for the work to be done early enough that the owners can take a quick nap, shower, and put on their welcoming smiles by 3 pm check-in. I am in charge of washing sheets throughout the day. Before the end of the day I want to have folded the last clean sheet folded to put away in the maintenance room.

My daughter Heidi is here with her three kids. She doesn’t get into the cleaning as long as she has a three-year-old to watch, but her older children, Charlie 11 and Ana 8 are put to work wherever they are needed. They love coming here. They don’t get to choose which cabin to stay in, but every time they come Charlie tells me that the one they are in is his favorite. Once work is done, they get to swim and lollygag like the other kids who come to the resort. They will have a little money to spend in the lodge on candy or ice cream.

It is 8 am. Check-out time is 9, but two families left last night and some may get on the show on the road early. Gotta run…

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